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Office Building

White and other light paint colors are predominantly used when painting an office to create a fresh and focused atmosphere


Stores & Retail

Retail stores and mall stores, requires a combination of aesthetics and practicality and will deliver quality work while keeping your costs down.


Medical & Dental Offices

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Reception and Lobbies

Using warm paint colors when painting a reception area or a lobby will help make your guests feel welcome. Accent walls can play in the style of your space and make a memorable impression on visitors t.

Parking Garage

Underground Parking Garage

Painting and maintaining the underground parking garages of Toronto is one of our primary commercial painting services. For residents of condo’s and apartments, safety is a top concern for both their cars and personal well-being.


Epoxy & Floor Coating

Epoxy Resins help prolong the life of your commercial or industrial surface by protecting it from external factors such as heat, chemicals, extreme weathering and timely wear.

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