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Our own team of passionate craftsmen performs 90% of the work. This allows us to control quality and scheduling to a very high degree. We have found that other methods are problematic. Our expert project partners (Draftsmen, engineers, soil engineers, HVAC designers, outside trades) have all been with us for many years and are invested in every aspect of our projects. We can always rely on them to provide excellent advice and value.

We focus on the unique building / remodeling needs of all types of medicals and doctor’s offices plus pharmacies in the GTA.

Our primary focus is these design/build projects, general contracting and pre-purchase real estate consultation, always with an eye on how decisions and design affects market value. We have extensive experience with the Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughn and Oakville Building Departments as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding the Ontario Building Code. This expertise and experience assures an added value during the planning, design and permit phases of additions, renovations and new builds.



Our typical project is in excess of $100,000, but we work on smaller projects occasionally, when the client has some timing flexibility and we can fit their project in between larger ones. Our experience with large and complex projects has honed and fine tuned our project management skills, and will benefit you directly as our efforts are more experienced, focused and efficient than other firms our size. This is not just our opinion, but also the opinion of our clients.


Our valued clients appreciate the personal attention and hands-on service that we provide. By taking on one project at a time, we are able to give our full attention to your project. We approach each project as a collaboration that draws on our long- standing relationships with industry pros. Together with our clients; we create an expert project team that includes other design professionals, skilled craftsmen, subcontractors, fabricators, suppliers, and manufacturers.



 4315 Village Centre Ct, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2, Canada


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